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SellanApp is an Online App Publisher. We offer an integrated solution for the design, (crow)funding, development, publishing and promotion of iOS apps.

We believe that the most creative App Ideas emerge from people without coding expertise or funds to make their App Ideas Happen. People like you, who can spot new use cases for Apps any day.

But having a great App Idea or being a creative Developer is not enough. App Store Optimization, worldwide Promotion and a Community supporting you are equally important to make your App successful.

As App Publisher we can provide you with all of this. With SellanApp you can design, fund, develop, publish and promote your while creating a supporting community. This all only using your iPad.

Compare us with a traditional book publishing company. If you know how to write and you have good story to tell, a book publisher will help you with editorial guidance, production funding, distribution, promotion and more to make you successful as a (international) acknowledged writer.

Likewise, if you have an App Idea and know how to shape it using our iPad App, we are here to refine your design, have the development and promotion funded by an involved community, have your App published and maintained in the App store, and to have your App promoted and sold worldwide.

As we allow everyone to ‚invest’ in the App Ideas we publish, everybody can profit. As publisher we will take care of sharing the sales revenue to all parties involved. Just like book publisher share revenue with the author, investors and other stakeholders.

Finally we offer iOS developers the opportunity to develop great App Ideas while reducing their acquisition costs and risks.

With SellanApp everybody can be a winner in the mobile world.